Kireina Takara is an Akita Inu kennel located in Flobecq, Belgium.
Our kennel is registered at KMSH, which is the Belgian Kennel Club recognized by the FCI.
On top of that, we are members of our Belgian Akita Club as well as AKIHO in Japan.

Our goal in breeding is to stay true to the authentic and complex nature of the Akita Inu, while breeding healthy, sound and beautiful dogs who meet the breed standard as well as possible.
Prior to breeding, all our dogs are being tested on hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, patella luxation, eye conditions, genetic diversity and amelogenesis imperfecta. The selection of the parents in our combinations is, besides numerous factors, also based on genetic diversity to maintain a healthier breed in the long run.

Our puppies are being raised in the warmth of our home, while being part of a stable pack of dogs who play a big part in their socialisation and education.


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