About us

"Whatever makes you feel the sun from the inside out, chase that."

Hi everyone! My name is Ellen Platteau and I’d like to tell you something more about myself and my journey which brought me where I am today.

Being born and raised by breeders, I became passionate about dogs at a very young age.

My parents are well respected dog groomers who used to breed American Staffordshire Terriers for many years, so the love for dogs and the passion for breeding is in my DNA.
While growing up, I was always surrounded by a pack of beautiful and sound dogs.
I consider myself very lucky, not even knowing how life is without muddy pawprints, slobbery windows and fur everywhere in the house.

I’ve mainly got to know the Akita Inu through dogshows, where I can be found regularly ever since I was a little kid. I was struck by this beautiful breed since the very first time I laid eyes on them: the intensity in their eyes, their pride, their alertness, intelligence & courage...
As a teenager, I knew exactly what I wanted: to own and breed the Akita Inu one day. I started out by reading, a lot. I’ve learned about the different bloodlines and the health issues that seemed to be more common in some of them.
In 2011, I decided the time was right and I inquired to be on the waitinglist of a foreign breeder. In September 2012, the waiting was over and my very first Akita Inu was born.
Since that day, I’ve come a long way with trial and error, but my passion for this breed always kept me going.

My goal in breeding is to stay true to the authentic and complex nature of the Akita Inu, while breeding healthy, sound and beautiful dogs who meet the breed standard as well as possible.
Prior to breeding, all my dogs are being tested on hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, patella luxation, eye conditions, genetic diversity and amelogenesis imperfecta. The selection of the parents in my combinations is, besides numerous factors, also based on genetic diversity to maintain a healthier breed in the long run.

My puppies are being raised in the warmth of our home, while being part of a stable pack of dogs who play a big part in their socialisation and education.

Did my story trigger you to get to know my dogs and me a little bit better? Feel free to contact us through info@kireinatakara.com.