25.09.2022 - Clubsiegerschau 2022, Kirchheim (DE)

Published on 28 October 2022 at 14:09

Another show, another title:

- Raigorou Go Kireina Takara (4y, open class males): 2 EXC out of 7.

- Torahime Go Bushido No Torii Kensha (6y, champion class females): 1 EXC + CAC VDH + 2x CAC AC + BOS + Clubsiegerin 2022!!! 

On top of that, Torahime finishes her German Champion VDH title! 

Judge: Mrs. Bergmann K.

Although it was a cold and wet day, I was super happy seeing some good friends again, seeing my happy boy Raihomaru and seeing Raigorou’s gorgeous kids Fueko and Fuugorou. 

Credits to the organisation for organizing a lovely day on a beautiful location.

On the picture: Raigorou Go Kireina Takara