29.01.2023 - 48th IDS Mouscron

Published on 21 March 2023 at 18:20


• V-Miyuki Go Kireina Takara (1y, youth class males): 1 EXC + best youth + youth CACIB + !!! BEST OF BREED !!!
Miyuki becomes Belgian Junior Champion! 
Owners: Yves Merveillie & Pascale Ameel

• V-Motoki Go Kireina Takara (1y, youth class males): 3 EXC. Unfortunately, Motoki hurt his ear due to an incident right before judging so his 1 ear wasn’t carried correctly, but oh so proud about his progress in presentation.
Owners: Laurens Koninkx & Jolien Caenepeel

• V-Reimi Go Kireina Takara (1y, youth class females): 1 EXC + youth CACIB.
Owner: Thijs Samyn

• Uzume Go Kireina Takara (1.5y, intermediate class females): 1 EXC + 2 x CAC + CACIB + !!! BOS !!!
Owned by myself.

Judge: György Tesics

On the picture: Uzume Go Kireina Takara