20.05.2023 - European Dogshow in Denmark

Published on 23 June 2023 at 23:38

One of the highlights in my breeding career so far...

V-Reimi Go Kireina Takara (16 months, youth class females): 1 EXC + yCACIB + best youth + EUROPEAN JUNIOR WINNER + beating all adult females and going home with the !!! BOS !!!

It will be hard to top this result in 2023, as it was my proudest moment so far and a rewarding result of my hard work as a breeder, as this girl was born as the 2nd generation of Kireina Takara… Daughter of Raigorou Go Kireina Takara.

Also V-Kanontarou Go Kireina Takara, V-Motoki Go Kireina Takara and Uzume Go Kireina Takara were present and made me proud! Kanontarou got 3 very promising in puppy class males, Motoki got 3 excellent in youth class males and Uzume got 2 excellent in open class females (although she really behaved like a clown).
I love you all!

Huge congratulations to all other winners!

Judge: Mr. Doedijns

Picture by Nicole Casey