17.09.2023 - Akitaclub e.V. Clubsiegerschau 2023, Kirchheim

Published on 3 February 2024 at 15:58

We had an amazing day: good weather, good friends and great results!

• Wakatoshi Go Kireina Takara (6 months, puppy class males): 1/3 very promising
Owners: Mieke Bellekens & Peter Hasendonckx

• V-Kanontarou Go Kireina Takara (1 year, youth class males): 2/3 excellent

• V-Motoki Go Kireina Takara (20 months, intermediate class males): 2/4 excellent
Owners: Jolien Caenepeel & Laurens Koninkx

• Raigorou Go Kireina Takara (5 years, champion class males): 2/6 excellent + reserve best male

• Takagorou Go Kireina Takara (3 years, open class males): 1/7 excellent + CAC VDH • So proud of this boy at his first show, and this in hot weather which he can’t stand, while also being completely out of coat

• Torahime Go Bushido No Torii Kensha (7 years, champion class females): 1/3 excellent + CAC VDH + CAC Akita Club + BEST OF BREED + Clubsiegerin 2023 + Torahime becomes Akita Club Champion with this last point! 

• V-Reimi Go Kireina Takara (20 months, open class females): 1/7 excellent + CAC VDH + reserve best female
Owners: Thijs Samyn & Beau Cras

• Uzume Go Kireina Takara (2 years, open class females): 2/7 excellent, while also being completely out of coat

• Takagorou & Torahime: BIS couple

• Raigorou & his offspring (Reimi, Motoki, Takagorou, Fuugorou): BIS progeny

Judge: Doncho Borisov

Thank you to everyone who was present with their KT puppy and thank you to Laura Lemberechts for taking care of pregnant Rumi and the other dogs at home. 

On the picture: Torahime & Haruko (owned by Mieke Bellekens)