19.09.2021 - AC Clubsiegerschau 2021

Published on 2 October 2021 at 17:26

Raigorou Go Kireina Takara (3 years, open class males): 1 EXC + CAC VDH + CAC AC + BOS + AC CLUBSIEGER 2021 💙

“3 years old. Impressive, powerful, big male. Excellent built. Masculine, powerful head. Small, excellent set and carried ears. Wide skull with good stop. Correct placed and dark eyes, triangular shaped. Powerful jaw with correct bite. Powerful, muscular, well bent neck. Strong topline. Correct set, well carried tail. Wide and deep chest. Strong bones. Correctly angulated in front, a bit too angulated in the back. Powerful movement. Breedtypical coat, in excellent showcondition. Very friendly behavior. Well presented."

Judge: Mr. Strack K.

📸 credit: Nicole Casey