07.05.2022 - International dogshow Ghent

Published on 1 July 2022 at 09:51

Another succesful day for our youngsters:

- V-Miyuki Go Kireina Takara (3 months - baby class males): 1 very promising + best of breed baby (owner: Yves Merveillie & Pascale Ameel)

- Unshou Ryuu Go Wataky Kensha (14 months - youth class males): 1 excellent + best of breed youth

- V-Rinoka Go Kireina Takara (3 months - baby class females): 1 very promising (owner: Romy Kuckelkorn)

- Uzume Go Kireina Takara (12 months - youth class females): 1 excellent

I’m stoked about our results today, but the most rewarding was hearing the judge’s comments on my two puppies out of Raigorou and Shunrei. 

Judge: Mr. Espeland Børge